About C/S 66

C/S 66 is a veterans based organization founded to facilitate multi-generational passage of information, ballistic applications R&D, and shooter development. Our function is morally motivated and experience based.

The Brotherhood

We believe that the progression of shooters capability goes hand in hand with his or her own personal philosophy in regards to perceived capability and the requirement for continued learning. The fostering and mentorship of “The Brotherhood” offers significant benefit to the morale of all involved. It provides operational and retired Snipers complemented by experienced civilian long range precision shooters with a way to give back to their to their community.

When open mindedness and the desire to improve are exposed to the hard fought lessons of the previous generations, “The Brotherhood” becomes a powerful learning tool.

Call Sign 66

Within C/S 66 the passage of information is omnidirectional. Our organizational philosophy is such that we ALL have something to offer, and that there is always room for improvement. We as a community are our own best asset for learning.